What do we offer? Our nurseries aim to be the suitable place where the child establishes his/her first bond with the outside world and where they can grow and learn happily in a safe and loving environment. 


Truly, we have a lot of fun! And so do we. In our educational approach, joy is fundamental! Learning through play is our philosophy!.


Each child is unique and special, and we accompany them on their journey of growth and development! We want them to reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives. 

A Second Home

At Patatina we are like a second home where growing up surrounded by love is the most important thing! We create an environment full of trust, affection and security so that our pupils develop all their skills to the maximum. Our approach is based on a combination of innovative pedagogies such as Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences, Jane Nelsen’s Positive Discipline and learning through experimentation and play. All this from a fun and attractive perspective where our children learn, have fun and are happy. 


We have a dining service for all children. We pay attention to the children’s nutrition and accompany them in their dietary transition, always in coordination with the families: from purees to solids.