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We are two bilingual nursery schools: “Patatina Marbella” and “Patatina Banus”, located in Marbella centre and on the Golden Mile between Marbella and Puerto Banus, respectively.

Our schools have a very enjoyable children’s design, with spacious and bright classrooms and a large and beautiful outdoor play areas to provide a creative, safe and nurturing environment where the children can explore freely and learn through play, enjoying Marbellas’s amazing climate.

Psychomotor skills

Psychomotor skills play an important role in infant education and development. There is a great interdependence between motor development, emotional and intellectual abilities. At Patatina Nursery Schools each group has weekly psychomotor classes, both fine and gross, according to their ages, which are carried out through games and other activities focused on working, developing and improving the pupils’ skills: body image, tone, position, motor coordination, balance, spatial and temporal perception and free body expression. “The more opportunities we give a child to move, the more they will benefit the global development of their intelligence and put in a more solid base for their future learnings”. 

Musical sense

At Patatina Nursery Schools we give a special importance to music because in the “Early Childhood Education”, music is more than just singing songs; it involves rhythmic and auditory education. Music helps develop creativity, expressing feelings and emotions. Our music teacher Ruben, a professional musician, singer and a guitarist comes to our schools once a week. Ruben not only sings nursery rhymes, but also a wide musical repertoire to expand the musical knowledge of our little ones, making us dance to the rhythm of his Spanish guitar. Kids love it!!! 

Bilingual Education 

Growing up bilingual is a treasure trove of thinking skills. One outstanding benefit is the significant improvement in cognitive skills. Children who grow up speaking more than one language have the opportunity to take their thinking skills to a higher level. Bilingual children often develop superior cognitive skills. 

Good nutrition

At Patatina Nursery Schools we believe that correct nutrition in childhood is essential to achieve optimal physical and intellectual development. Therefore we value the importance of a healthy and balanced diet, putting all our effort in preparing the menus choosing and adapting to seasonal raw materials (fruits and vegetables). Food is prepared in our own kitchens following strict health and dietary requirements. Complying with regulatory Food Inspections (HACCP) required by The Health Spanish Department. We guide the preferences of our pupils towards healthy and natural nourishment!! “The more opportunities we give a child to move, the more they will benefit the global development of their intelligence and put in a more solid base for their future learnings”. 

Early Stimulation

At Patatina Nursery schools we follow the stimulation programme called: “Grow Learning” using `Bits of Intelligence ́ which are flashcards with photographs that offer the child an accurate information about different topics. This program is carried out daily by the teachers during the school routine. The main purpose of this programme is to encourage the child’s learning skills, increasing their intelligence maintaining their innate motivation and desire to learn as well as increase their self-esteem. 

Daily connection with the families 

Communication between families and daycare is the key to building a strong relationship and working together for the best development of the child. At Patatina we have a digital agenda, which families can access through an application on their mobile phones. Keeping families informed on a daily basis about their child’s activities during the school day, as well as daily routines regarding meals, nap times, diaper changes, etc. 

Why you should choose us 

Our highly qualified and loving teachers native speakers in english & spanish inspire and encourage our pupils to become independent and gain a love of learning. We tailor your child’s early education experience and developmental milestones to gently prepare them for their next steps in education and life. 

«We nurture the curiosity and creativity of the little ones, providing them with a solid foundation for their comprehensive development.»

«It would be a pleasure to have your little explorer with us!»

Our approach

Promoting play as the primary tool for learning, where imagination and creativity come together to explore the world.

Each child is unique
Imagination is the Queen
Prioritizing loving care and communication
Inspiring active and meaningful learning